On the Go Masks is a family business based out of Redondo Beach, California.  The Mishra Family, including Rajeev and sons Kayan and Shay, wanted to support pandemic relief efforts and do their part in helping "flatten the curve".  We have a large family consisting of educators, medical professionals, and seniors.  Through them, we have gotten a very personal view on how PPE shortages have challenged and impacted their professions and safety.  Through our other business Valera Screens, we leveraged our team and sourcing relationships to import high quality KN95 masks and provide to the front line.  Over the last many months, we have supplied several million masks to healthcare, schools, and businesses.  It has been a rewarding experiencing working together as a family on something so important, with each person contributing and learning from the endeavor.  
Our objective is very simple.  To get high quality KN95 masks to the front line as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  
Who Do We Sell to?
To reach as many people as quickly as possible, we are focusing on selling to hospitals, healthcare providers, government entities, and businesses.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with independent sales agents in the medical community in order to expand our reach.  
Our Products
The FDA classifies our products as "Disposable KN95 Respirators". They come in both Adult and Child versions.  They are manufactured by the company Aoxing. On The Go Masks serves as an Authorized Reseller for North America for Aoxing. 
Here are some links to get you further acquainted

Product Information on the Aoxing KF-95 and KE-60 Disposable Respirator KN95 Masks
Factory video showing how our KN95 masks are produced

News segment featuring New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu sharing KF-95 respirator mask distribution effort
News segment describing the charitable efforts to get the Aoxing KN-95 masks to the front line

If you have questions about the current guidelines from the CDC and FDA in regards to options for N95/KN95 masks, please click here for our FAQ:
If you represent an entity mentioned above and would like to purchase our products, either for direct use or resale, please fill out the form below and we will follow up promptly.  Alternatively, feel free to send us an email at

Our goal is to provide you with accurate information during this challenging time.  If there are any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!
Please Stay Safe,

The Mishra Family